5 things that make a psychologically healthy workplace

PayScale If you have ever torn your hair out wondering if you are going crazy at work, it is just possible that you’re OK, and the workplace is to blame. The American Psychological Association recognizes that psychologically healthy workplaces are most likely to increase your motivation, your confidence and your job performance. There are five […]

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Context is key when addressing workplace bullying

Employee Benefit News According to the Workplace Bullying Institute in Bellingham Washington, 27 percent of Americans have directly experienced “repeated abusive conduct that is threatening, intimidating, humiliating, work sabotage or work abuse.” Gary Namie, director of the WBI. He adds that denial and minimizing of bullying or discounting it have been the two biggest HR-related […]

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Employee Performance Counseling Checklist

Q.  Can you give me a checklist for counseling employees about their performance to reduce the likelihood that I will leave something out, allowing the employee to manipulate me by saying some element of our discussion was omitted? A.  Try the following checklist: First, ask the employee how things are going, and whether he or […]

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Internet Addiction

Q.  What is Internet addiction and how can I spot whether Internet addiction is affecting productivity?  How would you hold an employee accountable if you can’t “diagnose” the worker?  It seems like a catch-22 to me. A.  “Internet addiction” is commonly discussed in the media and online, but it is not an official medical diagnosis […]

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Dealing with “Entitled” Employees

Q.  My employee has been with our company for a long time.  He refuses many assigned duties as well as some that are part of the job description.  I don’t think anyone in management is willing to consider termination. A.  Simply put, it appears as though you are unable to direct the employee’s work.  If […]

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Create a strong workplace ‘health culture’

by The HR Specialist: Compensation and Benefits on April 10, 2014 9:00am in Centerpiece,Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources Employees who believe they work in an organization with a strong “health culture” tend to perceive themselves as healthier and are more likely to change unhealthy behaviors than those whose health cultures seem weak, according to a new […]

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Management By Wandering Around

Q.  I like the concept of “management by wandering around.”  I read about it in a textbook, but I think employees don’t like a supervisor who sneaks around in the workplace.  Should I let employees know when I am coming?  I think anything less will undermine trust. A. Management by wandering around (MBWA) is a supervision […]

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Employee off-duty conduct: Can you enforce workplace policies outside of work?

HR.BLR    April 15, 2014 by Tracy Moon & John W. Stapleton, Fisher & Phillips LLP Employers often adopt and enforce written policies regulating conduct at the workplace. Many employers expect that employees will follow their employment polices at all times, regardless of whether the employee is working at home or at work.  Read more…

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Helping Employees Remain Positive

Q.  How can supervisors help employees maintain a positive mental attitude? A.  If you have a good working relationship with your employees, you can play a constructive role in influencing their positive mental attitude by blending positivity into your supervision style.  Here are some ideas:  1) When coaching, remind employees of their capacity to achieve so […]

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Q: I have two employees who are in continuous conflict.

I’m fed up with lecturing them, so I am making a formal supervisor referral. Should I meet with them together and refer them to the EAP as a pair, or should I meet with them separately and refer them individually? A:  Meet with your employees separately, and refer each individually to the EAP.  There may […]

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