5 things that make a psychologically healthy workplace

PayScale If you have ever torn your hair out wondering if you are going crazy at work, it is just possible that you’re OK, and the workplace is to blame. The American Psychological Association recognizes that psychologically healthy workplaces are most likely to increase your motivation, your confidence and your job performance. There are five […]

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A Six-Part Approach to Managing Anxiety

GoodTherapy.org Most of us experience anxiety at different times in life; it’s when it takes over our quality of life that that it becomes a problem. But what is anxiety, and do you experience it? There two different types of anxiety: external and internal. External anxiety comes from outside events that produce an internal reaction […]

Travel Tips: When You Want to Go on a Trip, Don’t Get Taken for a Ride

Whether you’re reserving a hotel room, buying plane tickets, or making other travel arrangements, these tips will help you get a deal that delivers what you are promised. •  Plan as far ahead as you can. Special deals on hotel rooms and airline seats often sell out very quickly. •  Be flexible in your travel […]

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Sadness Can Lead To Deepening Debt

By Michael Estrin Published April 23, 2013 Bankrate.com We may not see the connection between our mental health and our wallets, but a new study suggests that sad people make poorer financial decisions compared to their happier counterparts. The reason, according to Jennifer Lerner of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and colleagues Ye Li […]

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What Can ERN do for you?

We at the Employee Resource Network would like to take this chance to introduce you to ERN. Through the video will show you some of the many benefits and resources that are available as one of the benefits your employer provides. ERN Introduction from Kenyon Kopp on Vimeo.

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