Warning triangle along rode with broken down car in background

Is it Time to Take Away the Keys

If your older relative is not safe behind the wheel, it may be time for him or her to stop driving. Not all older drivers are unsafe, but physical impairments, slower reaction times, medications, and memory loss can all contribute to danger behind the wheel. Many older drivers make the decision to give up the […]

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Two people running in fog

Fitting Exercise In

The leaves are starting to change colors, cooler weather is here, and with the school year getting underway, you may be struggling to fit in your 30 minutes of daily exercise. The good news is that you can break physical activity into 10-minute segments throughout your day and still get the same cardiovascular benefits as […]

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Loaning Money to Friends or Relatives

Is there someone close to you who needs financial help? It could be a tough decision. Perhaps that person has had a spotless credit record and has been hurt by a lost job or medical bills. Or maybe someone you love who has not had the best financial record has had an unexpected expense. What […]

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Back to School

Back-To-School: Establishing a Morning Routine

Don’t worry; it’s not just you: mornings are pretty much the busiest time for any family. The preparations before the dash out the door to work, school, or child care can be hectic. Here are a few tips to keep it simple, get organized, and stay sane during the household morning rush hours. Start your […]

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