Peace of Mind: Job insecurity: the real issue in the workplace

Over the course of the next several conversations you have with coworkers, increase the frequency of the words “globalization, outsourcing, or downsizing.” This is likely to not only get you tarred-and-feathered, but also to disrupt the office and everyone in it. You’ve taken what is already a potentially high pressure, high stress situation – the workplace – and introduced job insecurity into the mix. Assuming it didn’t already exist.

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Travel Tips: When You Want to Go on a Trip, Don’t Get Taken for a Ride

Whether you’re reserving a hotel room, buying plane tickets, or making other travel arrangements, these tips will help you get a deal that delivers what you are promised. •  Plan as far ahead as you can. Special deals on hotel rooms and airline seats often sell out very quickly. •  Be flexible in your travel […]

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Delegation and Trusting Employees

Q: It’s frequently hard for me to delegate and let go. How can I become more adept at trusting my employees with assignments and not be so controlling or hover over them?

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Diversity in the Workplace

Q: Our employees are very tolerant of one another’s differences. I am proud of that because we feel like family and are supportive of each other. Is this the ultimate value of diversity awareness, having people feel accepted and valued?

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Maximize Employee Productivity With Good Communication

Q: I want to push my employees to do their best, but I don’t want to be accused of bullying. How can I help employees maximize their productivity but not have them see me as aggressive, especially as a bully?

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Emotional Intelligence and Customer Service

Q: As a supervisor, how can I help my employees use emotional intelligence to do a better job at managing our customers? Is it too technical a concept to discuss and over the head of someone like me who is not clinical or the recipient af an advanced degree?

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Domestic Violence and the Workplace

Q: I always thought that domestic violence was almost exclusively a behind-closed-doors phenomenon and that the workplace was simply not in the picture. Is domestic violence something employers really need to be concerned with as a business matter?

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Summer is Moving Season

There are so many things to do when you are moving.  In addition to collecting newspaper to wrap Grandmother’s china, you need to let everyone know your new address, gather boxes, get rid of items you don’t care enough about to pack and move–just to name a few.  The Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) has […]

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