Your EAP Can Motivate Positive Change

Q. I recommended the EAP to my employee and then a few months later had to make a formal referral. The employee never went. That was two years ago. Today, things are great. This person is my best worker. I stayed focused on performance. The EAP didn’t play a role, but I was glad it was there.

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Socializing at Work – How Much is Too Much?

Q. My department head gave me an uneasy look the other day because my employees were in the break room socializing and not working at their desks. Personally, I think there’s value in socializing for morale, but how rigid should I be about curbing it?

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Tips For The New Manager

Q. I’m a new manager and I want to do a good job. I’m not trying to be liked, but I know leadership isn’t like it is on a TV show where being tough and intimidating still leaves employees thinking you’re a hero.

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Cellphone Use Behind the Wheel

When was the last time you talked on your cellphone or texted while driving? If you are like most drivers on the road today, this is a regular occurrence. But there is mounting evidence supporting the dangerous link between cellphone use behind the wheel and motor vehicle accidents. The Risks and Dangers While the attention […]

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How To Recognize When an Employee is Impaired on The Job

Q. What can supervisors do to improve their ability to spot signs and symptoms of an employee who’s impaired on the job because of alcohol or drug use? A checklist is important, but some of the symptoms, I think, can be very subtle and easily missed.

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