Engaging Your Employees

Q. I want to improve my communication with employees and interact more socially with them in the office. I am worried that they see me as “all business.” I don’t want to intrude on their social gatherings, but how can I begin to engage more casually with them?

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Symptoms of Drug Dependency

Q. Periodically, we have employees incur back injuries on the job. Some get pain medications, which I know can be addicting. Although I haven’t noticed any employees affected by drug dependency, what are the symptoms?

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Finding What Motivates Your Employees

Q. How do I find out what motivates my employees? Most of them would say “money,” but that’s off the table. I wonder if my employees even know what inspires them. Are there any motivational strategies commonly overlooked by supervisors?

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Coping With Change

Change can take many forms and affect every aspect of our lives. It occurs in our family, work, social life, and well-being. Some changes involve additions, such as births, new friends or relationships, and new possessions. Others involve losses, such as death, divorce, or illness. Some changes are sudden, such as losing your job, while […]

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Sympathy Without Accountability – A Disservice To Employees

Q. I feel sorry for some of my employees. When I confront a performance issue, I probably demonstrate an overly sympathetic attitude of compassion and understanding. Is this undermining my ability to manage them effectively?

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