ERN and You

The Employee Resource Network is a benefit provided by your employer to help you and your family address personal problems and mange the demands of home and work life.

Facing Problems: “It’ll blow over”

There are all sorts of reasons people use to avoid seeing a counselor. The truth is, when personal problems become overwhelming, getting help is more important than anything else. Sometimes we t hink conflicts have blown over, when actually they linger just below the surface, ready to blow up again at any minute. When it feels like there’s now way out, a trained professional is the best person to offer assistance. often times a counselor can help you view the problems more objectively than your family or friends

Seeking Assistance: “I’m afraid of what people will think.”

Everyone has problems from time to time. When the issues start affecting our relationships or job performance it’s time to GET HELP. The ERN Intake Worker can be reached via our 1-800 number 24 hours a day to schedule an appointment at an office in our community. If you have an emergency, the intake worker can put you in touch with a therapist. people generally contact the program on their own accord, on the suggestion of a co-worker, or on the recommendation of their supervisor, if job performance is a concern.

ERN Counselors are experienced in helping families and individuals with a variety fo problems, including:

  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Marital conflicts
  • Parent and child conflicts
  • Divorce adjustments
  • Caring for aging parent
  • Financial difficulties
  • Coping with death or loss
  • Alcohol or drug problems
  • Single parenting concerns
  • Work related issues

Counseling: “Talking to a stranger won’t help me.”

People today face a variety of pressures, trying to manage a budget raise children in a changing world and cope with new dimensions in a relationship.

Sometimes, this pressures result in emotional problems, substance misuse or difficulties at work and at home. Problems that won’t just “blow over.” In these cases, professional assistance can mean the difference between resolving problems or reliving them later on.

Employees often report feeling tremendous relief after attending their first session. As one man put it: “I was going i circles, and getting nowhere. Now I feel like I’m taking steps in the right direction.”

Confidentiality: “I don’t want my employer to know.”

When you seek counseling, your rights to privacy and confidentiality are protected. Both state and federal statutes prohibit anyone from disclosing information abou the services your receive. Should you want us to discuss your situation with anyone – including your supervisor or family member – you must give us written permission to do so.

Cost: “I’m already struggling, can I afford this.”

Your employee assistance program is a benefit provided by your employer, and a designated number of sessions are free. If you or a family member choose to pursue counseling beyond the allotted number of sessions, your counselor will help you choose the treatment option that best matches your needs and financial situation.